Undertaking a name I have always wanted to undertake, doing something I have always wanted to do.

The Starbearer

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Dancing Star

The evening light raced through the sky and under the orange glow people began to gather; people from near and people from afar,
They all knew that their trip was worth the spectacle they came to witness, they knew that they had come to watch A Dancing Star.

A man who moved for the world, a man who cried for the world and a man who lived just for the world, a man who could beautifully sing,
He was known everywhere and by everyone not for his simple clothes and fickle nature but for the pleasure

that, at the sway of a leg, he could bring.

The way he told everyone to “Beat it” brought back courage to many and inspiration to some while some decided to become brave,
Being Bad was always cool, he shouted out loud but little did he know that with his Walk for millions a life through dance he would pave.

The Thriller he made each one sit through was a joyride and the zombies he had brought out showed that it was time to stop being scared and become tough,
Whenever we felt low, whenever we felt like we weren’t up for it, he told us to get up, he told us ‘Don’t stop till you get enough!’

Never did it matter if we were Black or white for that wasn’t important he said, all that was just useless talk,
What is important, he sung, was how good we are at something and how better we can be … And for the world to do this, he did the impossible, he did The Moonwalk.
We still had time, he prophesized, we still had hope to Heal the World, we still had time to correct our error,
And whenever we thought that we had lost everything and that there was nothing else left, he told us to look into the eyes of The Man in the Mirror.

Sometimes all we needed was a little Jam and sometimes all that was necessary was a Smile, sometimes we have to stop making a fuss,
Because we could be all that we wanted to be, we could all be Dangerous, but honey, he said, they don’t really care about us.

Look at what we have done, he said, crying, we had destroyed the one thing that gave us true happiness and the one thing that gave us complete joy,
Earth had looked after us with all its might, the Earth cared for us like we were its children but we had used it as a play-toy.
Remembering all the kind words, remembering that it was time to change, remembering that it was now or never,
The hundreds came together to witness a true wonder and they kept looking at their watches until they realized the wait was over.
Under the dim evening that now began to turn starry, the audience stared at the dark stage waiting impatiently for The Gloved One,
A deafening blast, a striking of bright lights hit the ramp as a man walked out dressed in a shining gold jacket and as he raised his finger into the air and got his legs ready, everyone began cheering … “Michael Jackson”.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Righteous Gun-Man

The full moon shined in all it's glory as an eerie calm took over the Earth, the grey-oak trees swayed to the wind; Amidst the corpses below tiny rats ran,
Nothing mattered to him who rested amidst the graves with his hat over his face and his hands folded; At a rusty corner of the Graveyard in the Ghost Town of Carbon County sat The Righteous Gun-Man.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hospitality Overkill

[The protagonist in this story suffers from Hyper-esthesia, an over-increased response to the feeling of touch. Also, there are some elements of violence and blood involved in the story. So, if you feel uncomfortable reading anything here, please leave now.]


That was the name of the clothes store I had gone to. How I wish I shouldn't have done that ! But ... I had to. Maybe if you heard my side of the story, you would understand. This is just a recollection, so some of it might be what I have made up in my own head. But the truth still stands. If only you had felt what I felt, if only you knew what I knew. If only ....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My School

I looked up at the board by which we used to swear : St. Anthony's High School - it read, it was now rusty and old but nevertheless it looked fine, I just silently stood there,
I realized I had completely forgotten how it looked and what it really meant as I walked around the gate kicking the sand - My School shined there brightly under the Sun's glare.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Bravest Warrior

The evening Sun shined dimly on his face, he still looked as if he was sleeping, he still looked frightening, he still looked like a man who would never surrender,
I sat beside him and looked into those lifeless eyes and thought : Why had Our Bravest Warrior left us when we needed him most ? I began to wonder.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Point Blank

Getting up from the couch, I looked outside. It was dead dark. It was time, I realized.

I rubbed my hands together, for it was a cold night. I then picked up the .45 from the table and thrust it over onto my head, ready to shoot myself. I had nothing left to live for. Point blank.